The Wander

Motion Graphics · 3D animation
Project Overview
This project is a title sequence for an imaginary show titled "The Wanderer." My goal with this project was to explore character creation and incorporating 3D elements within aftereffects. I also personally challenged myself to break away from a clean line vector aesthetic and develop a unique stylized piece.
After Effects · C4D · 7 weeks · about 39 espressos
Project Start
For this project I started by creating a theoretical elevator pitch for the show I would be designing the title sequence for. Along with this I included a mood board and inspiration for the project.
Robot Design
The show is about a robot. So I guess it should have a robot in the title sequence right? I started by sketching character concepts.
Modeling iteration
From there I blocked out and gradually refined my robot model. As a character I made the robot tall and slender with broad shoulders to give a sense that it towers over the earth below.
Blocking model
In construction
Story Boards
Once I knew what I wanted the robot looked like I started to sketch some rough story boards. Very rough story boards.
Style Frame
The look I was going for not of a shiny new robot but one that was more ephemeral. To accomplish this look by rendering out the animated model in a matte black material and a mixture of smokey particle effects and track mattes.
3D render
Full scene
rendered image
Full scene
Music credits to Joe Hagen
The most challenging thing for me in this project was stepping outside of my comfort zone in terms of style. I have never animated something that was textured or with a lot of effects while still trying to maintain a good sense of atmosphere and pace throughout the process. In addition, render time on this was fairly long admittedly due to poor modeling technique. If I were to do this over I would make sure to model the robot with proper topology.