What's up?

I'm Alances

/ uh - lan - sis / ( he / him )

I'm a designer who likes to experiment with various means of creation. The crazier, the better. Part of the fun is the logic problem of figuring out how to tell your story the best way possible and create a memorable experience.


The Story So Far

I grew up in Boston MA, and moved to New York to attend Rochester Institute of Technology. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in New Media Interactive Development. I then hopped on route i90 and drove west until I could no longer. I spent a year in Seattle Washington, then finally returned to Rochester to pursue an MFA in Visual Communication Design.

I'm happiest when exploring. Whether that be through travel, a new hobby, a new food, or engaging with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I have a goal of driving all major highways in the United States and in the past year I've crossed two of them off my list.

Applied Arts Magazine Student Award – 2020: awarded for Project Co-
Motion Graphics
UI Design