Sunday Night Football Logo

3D Logo Design
Project Overview
I had the opportunity to work with Compadre, a fantastic creative agency, over the summer of 2022. While there I collaborated on a massive rebrand for NBC's "Sunday Night Football." I was able to help build the 3D versions of each logo variation as well as NBC's "Football Night in America" logos.

My role was to help develop the 3D model, light, and create the materials for the logo.
C4d · Redshift · 6 weeks · about 56 espressos
We tested many render styles and builds along the way to take the flat vector version developed earlier in the process and breathe even more excitement into it with amazing 3D versions
Finding the Wow Factor
One of the goals for the 3D version to do was to capture the energy and spectacle that Sunday Night Football has become known for. We used the color of the
Bright lights and More Explorations