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UI Design · Visual Communication · App Design
Project Overview
This project was an exploration of how the visual treatment of a UI strongly impacts the messaging perceived by the user. What does a UI say to its Users? What feeling does it give? What decisions can we make to enhance or change this feeling outside of the interaction and user flow.
Figma · 4 Week Project · 10 espressos

The goal of the project was to create three distinct look and feels to 2 screens of one application. We were tasked to redesign a media player application with this in mind. I chose SoundCloud as it has a more immersive connected feel to its song player than most other music applications.
Mood Boards
To start I created mood boards with a focus on how imagery, color, and texture made me feel while still retaining the message of music.
Using each mood board I translated the imagery into UI components, typography, and color schemes.
Style Frames
Music Player
Album Song list
Wire Frames
I developed a wireframe for the two screens I chose to redesign on SoundCloud. I would use these same wireframes for each version I was designing.
Final Renders
Subtlety is the name of the game. What size should an element be to remain usable yet still feel as though it belongs? Finding the answer to this was a major challenge when creating these visual mockups. Too big and it feels clunky, too small and it lacks readability/usability. It took a lot of iteration and trial and error to eventually get to the current end result.