Painting over time

Motion Graphics
Project Overview
This project is the self portrait equivalent of a motion graphics piece. It explored how we can create a reflection of ourselves within an animation of shapes.
after effects · 5 weeks · about 23 espressos
Project Start
I started by defining myself in terms of 4 abstract words. What do I truly believe in and what is important to me? After this deep introspection I mind created a mind map derived from my chosen words. These words were: Rhythm, Minimalist, Analytical, Clean
Mood Board
Procedural zen. A layering of simple shapes and lines that communicates a feeling of peace and growth of mind.
Style Tile
I wanted the aesthetic to use a lot of empty shapes with thin lines. My goal was to incorporate the use arcs and arrows to maintain a sense of rhythm andflow.
Abstract Mandala
Due to the nature of my style tile the inspiration of zen elements I decided to look at mandalas for the imagery within the animation. I sketched my take on a mandala using the imagery generated from my mind map. I used graph paper to maintain a sense of proportion and rotational symmetry
Rough Story Boards
I created a loose set of story boards for this project to envision how the mandala grows and breathes throughout the scene.
Music credits to Joe Hagen