C4D · 6 weeks · internship project · about 30 espressos

I had the opportunity to work with Compadre, a fantastic creative agency, over the summer of 2022 where I was tasked with developing the 3D model, light, and create the materials for the new Sunday Night Football. The goal was to create a premium new logo while maintaining the presence and excitement that Sunday Night Football is known for.


We tested many render styles and builds throughout the process to take the flat vector version developed earlier and inject even more excitement into it with captivating 3D visuals.


One of the goals for the 3D version was to capture the energy and spectacle that Sunday Night Football promotes. We used the color of NBC's iconic peacock as an opportunity to create a dazzling display of color. Initially it was difficult to pull this off in an understated way without going full on rainbow.


We sought to capture the magic of sudden illumination to reveal a grandiose display. We mimicked the effects and feelings of the bright lights coming on at a stadium to build that sense of anticipation.


The clean metal materials were used to exaggerate the effects of the lights, creating stunning reflections, as well as maintaining the freshness of the new logo. We rejected the current trend of sports logos that are scratched and dirtied to drive home the idea that this logo was in pristine condition.